Valor’s Dawn

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Valor’s Dawn

Reed Clare directed, played the lead, wrote and executive produced this award winning period dramatic action short film, “Valor’s Dawn”. The film is about the corruptible nature of man and specifically man in war dealing with loss.  Through the outward and inward experience of war and conflict, how does man deal with his own morality, loss and salvation?  There are no absolutes, clear paths, definitive answers or resolutions in conflict…with ebbs and flows, highs and lows, action and reaction, the real and surreal, the measured and unforeseen consequences all being experienced simultaneously by an individual both as a first hand agent/participant and as a passive observer.  As we experience, perceive and interpret these themes and ideas through events and actions, we come to the understanding through experience and wisdom that we are all essentially light and dark encapsulated in our nature as human beings and whole in this realization.

As the film builds to its powerful conclusion, the decades-spanning plot demands that my character, Ambiorix, transform onscreen from a virile, fit, young warrior to a contemplative, wrinkled old King on his death bed, tormented by the demons of his own history, questioning the loss of his son and moral validity of his power.  It is in the torment of his conscience that this film explores and serves as a political and moral allegory for our present day quagmires and commitment to wars with no clear end or resolution.

Reed Clare made the film, “Valor’s Dawn”, essentially as a showcase for his acting/fighting abilities after doing 8 yrs of theater in NYC.  The strength of the film is Reed’s performance and his subtle and nuanced examination of the lead Ambiorix’s torment over losing his son as well as the tightly choreographed, dynamic and dexterous fight sequences that are realistic while not being over the top.  The film was made on a limited budget as a fight demo originally but the project evolved and morphed into the compelling and stylish film it is now.


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