Valor’s Dawn Trailer (Please click to play)

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Valor’s Dawn Trailer (Please click to play)

(Trailer #2)

It is 100 A.D. A Roman invasion of Celtic lands hangs on the knife’s edge of success as the chieftain Ambiorix (REED CLARE) wages war against the Roman general Eydis. A deadly battlefield blow makes Ambiorix king, but at the price of losing his son, dishonoring his warrior’s code and risking the unceasing deterioration of his soul and sanity. Haunted for decades by the loss of his son and his treacherous act, he is visited in his dying moments by the spectre of his former adversary. Together, the two generals relive their epic battle and its ignoble acts of treachery, the truth of which may hold the key to Ambiorix’s salvation. It is in the torment of his conscience that this film explores and serves as a political and moral allegory for our present day quagmires and commitment to wars with no clear end or resolution. This is a story of morality and a man’s struggle for truth and atonement.

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