‘The Bulletin’ Article

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‘The Bulletin’ Article

Actor leaves Broadway for Cityplace, TV career


By Kimberly Spice

Reed Clare has a long list of acting roles to his credit but one engagement stands out above all the rest when after a performance in New York his father at last recognized Clare’s talent and his commitment to the profession.

“After that theatrical experience in that comedy (How to Speak Woman), in which I made my father laugh, then I had the full support of him and he began to invest in my career more than he had before,” Clare told The Bulletin. “Monetarily and otherwise he took a genuine interest.”

His father, Thomas Clare owner of Petronas Carbide Technologies Inc., committed to Clare’s acting career and set up a subsidiary office in New York where Clare worked as an executive sales manager for the company. This gave Clare the opportunity to pursue his acting, stay in the US, and have a steady income.

His dream of becoming a full time actor in New York was short lived when three years ago his attempt at obtaining a green card failed. Not being able to work in the US, Clare was forced to return to Canada where he decided to take a pass on Vancouver, which is closer to his family, and live in Toronto.

Clare, now in his mid-thirties, is not the type to sit idly bye and wait to be discovered as a gifted actor. To show his talents he decided to executive produce, and star in his own short action film Kingdom Come. Creating the small budget film gave Clare the opportunity to show his abilities as a stunt coordinator and stunt performer as well as his talent as a dramatic actor

“To create and produce a film is more popular than it’s ever been,” commented Clare adding it is essential that artists use today’s mediums to promote themselves. “Different technology and tools at an artist’s disposal are much more affordable then they once were.”

Currently Clare is writing his next movie about a troubled Canadian Army captain returning from Afghanistan and his struggles to reintegrate back into regular society. He hopes the production will be completed in two years.

Clare’s other current project is creating a charity to help Canadian veterans, widows and orphans affected by the war in Afghanistan but this has turned out to be more complex than he imagined.

“I want this to be a life involvement and achievement and part of my life’s work,” Clare stated reflecting he would have considered doing time in the military if he had not chosen acting. “I thought it was something I could do in a week. It takes about eight months to create a foundation or charity.”

The Blue Jays Way resident made the decision to change his focus from theatre to pursue opportunities in television. His first audition became his most prominent role to date in the CW network TV series Nikita where he played a stunt actor. Watch for him in an upcoming episode of the new series “The Transporter.”

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