Kingdom Come Video (Please click to play)

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Kingdom Come Video (Please click to play)

For one warrior, winning the battle meant losing his soul.

It is 72 A.D. A Roman invasion of Celtic lands hangs on the knife edge of success as the chieftain Ambiorix (Reed Clare) wages war against the Roman general Eydis (Craig Blair). A deadly battlefield blow makes Ambiorix king, but at the price of dishonoring his warrior’s code and risking an essential part of his soul.

Haunted for decades by his treacherous act, he is visited in his dying moments by the spectre of his former adversary. Together, the two soldiers relive their epic battle and its ignoble end, the truth of which may hold the key to Ambiorix’ salvation.

Reed not only played the lead in ‘Kingdom Come’ but also co-wrote, and executive produced it. The film was produced in association with Relativity Media, a prominent Hollywood Finance company.

This epic period action film, ‘Kingdom Come’, was born when Reed assembled a group of talented filmmaking and theater colleagues and embarked on an extraordinary journey.  They realized that collectively with their vision, energy, expertise and resources, they had an excellent opportunity to create a film that would be unique to the short film genre. This was to be a micro epic in the vein of grand ‘Gladiator’ style films, complete with professional fight choreographers, lavish costumes and equipment, special effects, professionally trained fight extras and ancient looking indoor/outdoor locations and sets.  In essence, they had a true synthesis of indie spirit and filmmaking, with professional technique, grand scale, authenticity and high end production values.

The film is an ambitious 25 minute DV short about a 1st century Celtic King agonizing on his deathbed over the greatest battle of his life. In it he attempts to reconcile an act of treachery he committed against his greatest adversary. This is a story of morality and a man’s struggle for truth and redemption.  The film was shot and produced entirely in New York City in such notable locations as:

– The Metropolitan Opera where the cast choreographed and rehearsed for six months to develop an elaborate, complex and realistic fight sequence of sword, battle-axe and hand-to-hand combat.

– Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum where an ornate and antique King’s bedchamber was designed and constructed.

– Central Park, particularly Belvedere Castle, during New York’s worst blizzard in 80 years.

-Queens and Staten Island parks locations enhanced, through set and production design, to resemble 72 A.D. Britannia.

Reed’s goal was to create a compelling, exciting and stylistically appealing short action film that will garner respect and recognition for  his contributions as a dynamic performer and dramatic actor, while drawing attention to his abilities as a writer, producer and filmmaker.  After a lengthy and arduous development process, he hopes he has realized his goal by producing a film that embodies the qualities integral to professional filmmaking: a solid story/script combined with strong acting, cinematography, editing and sound orchestrated from pre-production through post-production resulting in the film, ‘Kingdom Come’.

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